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Doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons all agree that vitamin C is important for the health of your skin. As we age, free radicals break down the body’s vitamin C supplies and healthy collagen production consequently declines and results in loose, thin and wrinkled skin.

Known as ‘laser in a bottle’ Vitamin8 is a high-potency Vitamin C serum. It contains a 30% concentration of stabilized Vitamin C, fighting the battle against premature ageing and maintains your skins youthful appearance, working on areas of the face that are prone to develop wrinkles, age spots or sagging. This patented breakthrough ingredient sets a new benchmark in the ability to deliver concentrated Vitamin C to the layers of the skin where it is needed the most. Regular use will protect your skin from UV related damage as well as assist in improving pigmentation, skin texture and brightness, and promote a more radiant skin tone.

The active Ingredients in Vitamin8 are:

  • VCIP 30% active vitamin C.
  • LIPOMOIST – Our exclusive and unique formulation delivering more potent hydration than hyaluronic acid.

How To Use :

Reduces pore size and blemishes.  Use all over face, including under eye area.

  • Apply morning and night.
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