exeler8 is the first in the world to bring you this new Argireline Amplified Peptide, considered to be a breakthrough in new scientific technology. Made up of 100% actives including Argireline Amplified Peptide and Lipomoist 2036, exeler8 is a topical alternative to injectables and fillers with results in just five days.

Argireline Amplified Peptide

  • Up to 5 years younger in 5 days
  • Reduces expression lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscle up to 53% in 5 days
  • Acts like a filler by filling in the lines
  • Increases radiance and gloss by up to 71% in 5 days
  • Increases cheek volume by 39.5%
  • Lifts, firms and tightens by increasing collagen and elastin
  • Reduces fragile and sensitive skin
  • Wrinkles you can see disappear faster
  • Prevention and reversal of wrinkles

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