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When using Ciencia there is no specific order of use. The products all work synergistically together. However you must cleanse and prepare the skin first and finish with spf last. If you require a specific routine apply serums first and then moisturiser.
To really find out your skin type maybe visit a therapist. However if you have an oily and blemished skin use serums. If you have a very dry skin use a serum with a moisturiser.
The difference between an oil and a serum is oil molecules are much larger and can only penetrate the outermost layers of the skin while serums help to prepare and protect you skin from a variety of concerns such as aging, hyperpigmentation and blemishes.
Yes it is by reducing lipid accumulation do to excess oil flow. Enlarged pores can also be caused by a lack of collagen and elastin. I highly recommend Mattifi8 to reduce the pore size. It contains matmarine to reduce excess oils and collagen 8 to boost collagen and elastin production. Matti first and Collagen have been scientifically proven to reduce pore size.
Cleanse8 Gel-cleansing is important to remove pollution, the excess debris and makeup. Being your first step it needs to be gentle without stripping the skin and unbalancing the PH level leaving the skin hydrated. Preparation8 is a light weight hydrating leave on exfoliation serum that contains no harsh beads. It is a safe effective way to remove dead skin cells to give radiance to the skin and allow your products to penetrate. Collagen 8 is a lightweight fast penetrating serum suitable for any skin type with multiple benefits. The signs of ageing and problematic skin is caused by dehydration. Reflect8 is a lightweight luxurious serum containing SPF15 . Your everyday lifestyle sunscreen to protect and prevent your skin from photo-ageing.
I recommend only cleansing once morning and night. We only recommend double cleansing if you are wearing heavy makeup. Over cleansing can disturb the PH level in your skin.
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Our products have been developed in conjunction with over 300 scientists making it now possible to offer topical alternatives to injectables.  Whatever your area of concern, we are dedicated to transforming lives and providing ground-breaking anti-aging products.

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